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Film Club Review – Monsters

July 29, 2013

My Review Monsters In the spirit of Cloverfield, Monsters sees a movie monster situation through the eyes of the innocent bystanders. In Monsters, an accidental alien invasion has created an infected zone in Mexico in which alien creatures are contained. A journalist must try to get his bosses daughter to safety by leading her through […]

True Grit

June 17, 2011

I’m not big on westerns, but this one won me over. At least, as much as a western can win me over. It did take a while for me to warm up to it though. it did start off rather slow and meandering (in other words, normal Western pace). But what holds this film apart […]

My Top Ten Films of 2010

April 29, 2011

10. The A-Team This is my guilty pleasure movie of the year.  It was exactly what it wanted to be: an all-out action fest with the craziest stunts and the zaniest personalities.  I was very surprised with how much I liked this movie. Alright, now that I’ve lost all credibility, lets continue… 9. Daybreakers Not […]

The King’s Speech

April 26, 2011

I’ve said it before, but I’ll reiterate, that biopics only seem to work when they feature a segment of the subject’s life and not just their entire life. A few years ago we saw this with The Queen, and now we get the same for her father King George VI as we are told the […]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

April 23, 2011

The third Narnia movie based off of the third Narnia book sees Lucy and Edmund, along with their annoying cousin Eustace, find themselves back in Narnia. Well, actually they find themselves on the open seas of Narnia and meet Caspian who is traveling the seas on his royal ship. What ensues is a lot of […]

Alice in Wonderland

April 16, 2011

Lewis Carroll’s two Wonderland books are whimsical, charming, and complete and utter nonsense. Tim Burton’s movie adaptation is disappointingly regular. And therein lies the major flaw of this film: it is far too conventional. It doesn’t at all match the absurd nature of the original tale except perhaps only in the art design. Its a […]

Black Swan

April 2, 2011

Black Swan is a movie which bores into you like the thorny barb of a black wing feather. Its a movie which will definitely stay with you for a while after watching. The story of a sheltered young woman who wants so badly to be the perfect ballet dancer is a dark and permeating look […]

Due Date

March 20, 2011

You know what’s wrong with this movie? I didn’t laugh. Well, maybe I laughed once or twice, and those were chuckles at best. Was the story there? Yes, but it was full of trying to find ways to keep these two characters together. It was easy to follow the story, you just probably won’t laugh […]

127 Hours

March 4, 2011

Always leave a note. Even if you’re just going to get milk. Because you don’t want this to happen to you. Now, I’m not someone whose view of a film changes just because it was based on a real story or not, that’s usually inconsequential to whether its a good movie or not. But to […]

Despicable Me

February 6, 2011

There has beena growing trend with animated films for the studios to make the films for both children and adults; films that pique the interest and natural excitement of kdis while still providing a sense of maturity in the story and lines which also makes it accomanying to older audiences.  This is not one of […]

The Town

January 16, 2011

The Town is a story about bank robbers. The only real twist here is that after taking a woman hostage, the leader of the gang ends up dating said hostage. But otherwise, its pretty much a movie about bank robbers. its enjoyable, but nothing outstanding. I suppose not every movie has to be outstanding though, […]

The Kids Are Alright

January 8, 2011

The Kids are Alright is a pretty neat film about a family with two teenage kids and their lesbian parents who end up meeting thee kid’s biological father. When he is introduced into their lives, lots of family dynamics start to change. I liked this movie for a few reasons: the performances and writing seemed […]

How To Train Your Dragon

January 2, 2011

People are always talking about the Dreamworks/Pixar battle of animation and how Pixar dominates almost every year. Dreamworks usually loses the battle because they focus on fleeting adoration from the masses and fill their movies with pop culture references with short half-lives. Yet every once in a while (ex. Kung Fu Panda) where they come […]

Easy A

January 2, 2011

Easy A is a movie which is always walking the thin like between high school movie cliche and a satire of a high school movie cliche.  And though the satire does appear present, there are many times it crosses over the line in the other direction with no hint of satire (ex. many of the […]

Little Fockers

December 31, 2010

This will be a short review since there’s really not a whole lot to say.  What Little Fockers boils down to was that it was good but still disappointing.  There really weren’t a lot of funny moments here, not like the first two movies.  Mind you there weren’t a lot of really stupid moments either.  […]