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A Note on my Top Ten Lists

Okay, just to make a note for all of my Top Ten Lists.  There are essentially two kinds of Top Ten lists on my site.

Most of my Top Ten lists I have complied as objective lists.  There are not my opinions, they are based on insight and research as well as collaboration with others.   I have tried to make these lists as objective as possible.  Now I realize that its impossible to be 100% objective, but I have tried to minimize influence from my own opinions and feelings as much as possible.

Now, if a top ten list starts with My Top Ten ….,  that means that these lists are subjective lists based on my own opinions.  These are usually my top ten movies of the year, of the decade, etc.

3 Responses to “A Note on my Top Ten Lists”

  1. Ur gay Ian, why u delete my brilliant comments! U know there all true!

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