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Confessions of a Blu-Ray Collector: The Streaming Wars

January 19, 2014

One of the biggest problems that blu-ray collectors face is the future of physical media in the face of digital technology.  With the popularity of netflix and the growing VOD market and digital downloads, not to mention illegal pirating, the future of the blu-ray/DVD market is certainly in jeopardy.  Many people wonder what the point […]

Confessions of a Blu-ray Collector: Blu-ray Pet Peeves

September 7, 2013

Time to vent a little.  Now of course, I am a big fan of the blu-ray format, but there are a few things about the overall bluray culture that do bother me which I would like to get off of my chest.  Let me know if you agree with any of these, or if you […]

Confessions of a Blu-ray Collector: Organization

July 12, 2013

Today I am going to tackle a topic which all blu-ray collectors, or really collectors of almost any kind, must face: how to organize your collection.  Lets start off by discussing the major segmentation of your collection.  First thing, your blurays and dvds should be separated.  When I first started converting my collection to blurays, […]

Confessions of a Blu-ray Collector: To Convert or Not to Convert

June 2, 2013

In the late 2000’s, movie collectors were faced with a new dilemma: how to deal with the collections as the Blu-ray format came into the forefront.  For myself, I entered the world of high definition in 2011.  With the purchase of my new TV and blu-ray player, I was given a free copy of Avatar […]

Confessions of a Blu-ray Collector: Collecting Philosophy

May 26, 2013

I am starting up a new series of blog posts which will revolve around the idea of movie collecting.  I encourage any readers to please debate my points and give their opinions in the comments section.  So I start by discussing the mindset of the “collector”. The urge to collect is probably existent in all […]