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Despicable Me

There has beena growing trend with animated films for the studios to make the films for both children and adults; films that pique the interest and natural excitement of kdis while still providing a sense of maturity in the story and lines which also makes it accomanying to older audiences.  This is not one of those films.

Kids will enjoy this movie I would imagine.  There are a lot of funny gags and a lot of quotable lines.  There is a little orphan girl who teeters on the edge of over-cuteness and the little yellow minions will have kids cracking up anytime they’re onscreen.  But there’s really not much here for adults.  The jokes are immature, the lines are juvenile, and the story doesn’t really provide much to sink your teeth into until closer to the end.

Now that’s not to say this is a bad film.  There is an emotional context to the movie between the main character Gru and the three girls he adopted as part of an evil scheme.  its predictable, but still moving enough to keep you invested.  Also, it is good for kids, and that cannot be dismissed.  It will keep them interested but with also have them excited.  If i was rating this as purely a kids movie, it would be higher.  but ultimately, I am not a kid, nor do I have children as of yet.  So my rating will be based on how the film affected me, and as such I will give this a 6/10.

One Response to “Despicable Me”

  1. I saw this visiting with my family, the youngest person in the room being 17. It was cute, had some great gags and some heartfelt moments. In the end, the best joke was the one with the Cheeto not turning into a butterfly and the so quotable “It’s so fluffy!”

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