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The Town

The Town is a story about bank robbers. The only real twist here is that after taking a woman hostage, the leader of the gang ends up dating said hostage. But otherwise, its pretty much a movie about bank robbers. its enjoyable, but nothing outstanding. I suppose not every movie has to be outstanding though, as long as its well-made and enjoyable. This one was those things, so it is worth a watch.

There were parts of this movie I really liked balanced by parts I could have done without. Jeremy Renner’s character was a little too hard-edged in a way where you got the sense that Renner was trying a bit too hard. There were also points where Affleck seemed to be trying to hard as a director through scenes like the inter-cut between sex and the girl flashing back to her walking into the water.

But perhaps I’m being too critical there. It was still an enjoyable film. I felt bad for the hostage. She has a bad experience but finds happiness in this guy even though we know no good can come from it. I also really liked the ending. There is some great action and suspense which is done in such a way were we really don’t know how it will turn out and we don’t know whether the main characters will win or lose. And in a film which is pretty run-of-the-mill, that’s an impressive feat.

One Response to “The Town”

  1. I liked this movie a lot. Not because it was crazy special or innovative, but because it was just done well.

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