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Film Club Review – Monsters

July 29, 2013

My Review Monsters In the spirit of Cloverfield, Monsters sees a movie monster situation through the eyes of the innocent bystanders. In Monsters, an accidental alien invasion has created an infected zone in Mexico in which alien creatures are contained. A journalist must try to get his bosses daughter to safety by leading her through […]

My Top Ten Films of 2011

February 6, 2012

10. Contagion As a former microbiologist, I appreciated this movie a lot.  It provided a very realistic idea of how something like this might go down.  And hey, its pretty much the film version of one of my favourite board games: Pandemic! 9. Moneyball The game about baseball statistics proved to be much more interesting […]

Another Earth

December 16, 2011

Another Earth is the story of a promising young lady whose life goes to hell after a tragic accident. But wait a minute, its also about the mysterious appearance of a planet seemingly identical to our own, which appears closer and closer to this planet as time goes by. And these two seemingly unrelated storylines […]