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Top Ten Movies of 2019

January 20, 2020

10. Parasite Parasite has been making waves in the last part of the year, and it really is a strong thriller.  It has something to say about the divide between social classes and the lengths people will go to to keep up.   9. Yesterday I know this didn’t win over a lot of people, […]

The Ten Best Songs of the 60’s

April 4, 2013

10. Sunshine of Your Love Cream The 1960’s was a time of great change in the world, and this was reflected most clearly among pop culture on music. The rock and roll era really began defining itself, and with it came new sounds like the psychedelic songs of bands like Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, […]

The Ten Most Influential People of the Early Millennium (1001-1400)

January 5, 2013

10. Su Song (1020-1101) Innovation Su Song appears to be an early “Renaissance man” from historical China. He made many advances in areas such as biology and astronomy, but his greatest influence was in the area of engineering. His surprisingly complex mechanical clock was a wonder of his time. Among many advancements this clock were […]

The Ten Most Notorious Fast Food Items

August 25, 2012

10. Original Sliders White Castle We start off the list small… really small. The White Castle sliders are known for their miniscule size. Its that one quality which sets it apart and makes the restaurant unique. And with the publicity from the hit comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, these tiny burgers have […]

The Ten Best Song of Ice and Fire Characters

August 8, 2012

A caution on this list. It will be including spoilers for both the TV and book series from books 1-5. So if you have yet to read the books or see the show, read at your own risk. There will be nothing beyond Dance, since, well, I don’t know anything. Anything I mention from beyond […]

The Ten Best Game Expansions

July 27, 2012

10. Innovation: Echoes of the Past A rather new entry to start the list off, since the game innovation was only released a year or so ago. But expansions don’t take long to be released anymore, and Innovations first expansion was no exception. Now, they could have gone the easy route of simply adding new […]

The Ten Greatest Movie Openings

July 15, 2012

10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Peter Jackson and company were putting together an adaptation of arguably the most popular book series of the 20th century in what was destined to be a monumental movie trilogy. So how in the world do you get across to the audience all […]

The Ten Best Saturday Night Live Skits

May 22, 2012

Its been a while, I know, but I finally have another list complied. This has been a tough one to put together, since the show spans some 30 odd years. As a result, a lot of favourites have been left off the list. This is definitely one of those lists which could easily be expanded. […]

The Ten Best Movie Taglines

December 3, 2011

10. “Crime is a Disease. Meet the cure.” Cobra This is the representative entry for all of those cheesy yet great macho action movie taglines. The Cobra poster hangs on a vast amount of college dorm walls, probably second only to the poster for Scarface, the most overrated movie in film history. And probably the […]

The Ten Most Important Canadians

October 16, 2011

Okay, time to get a little patriotic with my next list. Its worth noting that the importance of the people on this is are for Canadian people first and foremost, but world influence also has some weight. 10. Terry Fox (1958 – 1981) Its very common to hear about someone who has been diagnosed with […]

The Ten Best Movie Sequels

August 19, 2011

10. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982) Star Trek is one of the most legendary television shows of all time, so there were a lot of expectations when the franchise decided to take its adventures to the big screen. Unfortunately, Star Trek: The Motion Picture was a huge disappointment and did not have […]

The Ten Most Influential People of the 15th Century

August 11, 2011

10. Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) Art As one of the founding fathers of the Italian Renaissance, Brunelleschi made a modern contribution for all painters that would follow him; the development of linear perspective. Giving Depth through linear perspective is now one of the fundamental bases of art today. Brunelleschi was also a innovative mastermind of architecture […]

The Ten Most Memorable Uses of Songs at the Movies

June 26, 2011

Here’s a little clarification as to what this list is about. The songs chosen re songs which must have existed before production of the movies they were used in. This is a list of the best uses of already existing songs, not original songs written for the movie or soundtrack. 10. Twist and Shout Ferris […]

The Ten Most Interesting Superheroes

June 19, 2011

10. The Hulk At first glance, Hulk may seem like a simple green beast who likes to smash things. But at Hulk’s best, he’s a complex character with some serious issues. Bruce Banner is constantly struggling for control over his rage-filled alter ego. Banner’s struggle has led The Hulk through some tough journeys on the […]

The Ten Greatest Feats of Architecture

June 8, 2011

10. The Eiffel Tower Paris, France Gustave Eiffel originally designed this amazing monument, which has become France’s foremost cultural icon, for the World Fair in 1889. Believe it or not, it was supposed to be taken down after 20 years. Of course, that didn’t happen and now its one of the most visited monuments in […]