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Easy A

Easy A is a movie which is always walking the thin like between high school movie cliche and a satire of a high school movie cliche.  And though the satire does appear present, there are many times it crosses over the line in the other direction with no hint of satire (ex. many of the actors are obviously older than high school students, the massive cheerleading productions, nerds who will do anything for popularity, etc.)


The only thing which really makes this movie worth watching is Emma Stone herself.  Her character Olive starts off to seem like an actual realistic high school kid with some self-wroth and depth to her character.  But when she gets into trouble, things just get out of hand.  Its hard to reconcile how she would let herself get to this point, but I guess kids do make mistakes.


This movie is one of the more competent high school movies out there, since it understands the cliches of those flicks and tries to use them to its advantage.  yet I can’t help get the feeling that I would like this movie less if I ever took a second viewing.


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