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The Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates

December 3, 2015

While games these days seem to come out with expansions every year, Settlers of Catan, with its rich 20 year history, only needs an expansion every 5 or 6 years it seems. Mind you, it has lots of spin-offs and the like, but the last proper expansion to the same was back in 2007. Then […]


August 5, 2015

In the world of board games, the reputation of some titles just demands a certain level of respect. Agricola is one of those titles. It created a lot of hype when it was released back in 2007 before it made the transition from Europe to North America, and when it did it rose to the […]

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Conflict

July 8, 2015

  Cosmic Encounter is a game that has had many versions and may expansions over its 37 year history. However Fantasy Flight’s latest version really seems to be the definitive edition, which has up to five expansions thus far. The first to be released was the excellent Cosmic Incursion Expansion. Today I will be looking […]

Vivajava: The Coffee Game

April 3, 2015

A Blend That’s Great, Even with Eight Vivajava is my hidden gem story. I ordered the game without really knowing how it worked. I just liked that it was about producing coffee. But low and behold, what I ended up with was a fantastic game that quickly became a hit among my group of friends. […]

Power Grid

March 15, 2015

A Renewable Resource of Great Gaming In the fast-moving popularity contest which exists within this hobby, it doesn’t take many years for a game to have lasted to be called a classic. In the case of Power Grid, which just had its 10th anniversary, it is a status that is well-earned, whether or not you […]

Ticket to Ride: Asia

February 15, 2015

A while back, Days of Wonders decided to start the Ticket to Ride map collection, providing new map experiences without requiring players to purchase entirely separate games, like they did previously with Europe, Nordic Countries, etc. Their first offering ventured into the exotic continent of Asia. The Asia Expansion includes a double-sided board with two […]

Dominant Species

February 8, 2015

Boardgaming Evolved For a long time there was a divide in the board gaming hobby between Eurogames with their economic designs and dry themes and American games with their more militaristic, aggressive nature. But every once in a while, a game with bring the two crashing together like a force of nature. Dominant Species is […]

Small World Realms: Bigger and Better… Well, Bigger At Least

November 4, 2013

Small World is one of my favourite games and has proven to be easily expandable. Most of the expansions coming out have included new races and powers, as would seem obvious. However, a small group of fans clamoured for more map expansions, and so Days of Wonder released Realms. Realms allows players to make their […]

Alhambra: A Moorish Bore?

October 19, 2013

In this climate of a board gaming hobby being inundated with massive numbers of new games every year, to continue to be a prominent game in the culture after ten years is an impressive achievement. Alhambra has managed to do so. This Spiel Des Jahres winner continues to be discovered by new gamers and maintain […]

Dominion: The Fourth Pillar of Boardgaming

July 3, 2013

Since the turn of the century, the board game industry has been booming. The boom began with the rising popularity of 1995’s The Settlers of Catan, and 2000’s Carcassonne picked up where it left off, introducing gamer’s to a whole new style of board games. A few years later in 2004, Ticket to Ride hit […]

K2: Reaching Thematic Heights

April 28, 2013

When K2 was released in 2010, it didn’t cause much of an uproar, more of a small trickle than an avalanche. However, it deserves far more attention than it has been given. It is a wonderful race game which is heaped in its mountain-climbing theme. If you like thematic games, pay attention. K2 is rich […]

Puerto Rico: The Ultimate Eurogame

March 30, 2013

The board game boom in the last decade was ushered in by the rise of eurogames: games designed for deep strategy with interesting mechanics, a de-emphasis on the role of luck, and tighter gameplay. Settlers of Catan kicked off the trend, and ever since games have been released which have tried to master the elegance […]

Cyclades: Get Your Greek On

August 28, 2012

Theme is an important aspect of board games. Of course some simply don’t have a theme, such as Backgammon, and others have tired themes which are vastly overused, like the annoying influx of dungeon crawl games out there. But when you see a game with a theme based on one of your other interests, it’s […]

Vinhos: An Excellent Vintage

February 12, 2012

Many popular board games today are praised for being highly accessible and easy to learn, simple yet fun. Vinhos is not one of those games. It seems fitting that such a rich and complex game is about wine; a beverage which is notorious with being connected with elitists and enthusiasts, whose value seems to only […]

Small World Underground: A Step Below the Original

October 9, 2011

I love Small World. I love the theme, the artwork, the variable player powers, the strategies. I love all of the expansions. So when I heard that a whole new base game with a new board set in a subterranean world with all new races and powers was going to be released, I was very […]