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Ian’s Bond Education: Part 6

February 2, 2017

Tomorrow Never Dies Now for what may be the most generic of all the Bond movie titles… Tomorrow Never Dies opens well, as Bond has to fly a nuclear missile out of a terrorist mountain camp before the whole place explodes.  it injects adrenaline into the movie as it is meant to.  I also liked […]

Ian’s Bond Education: Part 5

July 9, 2016

The Living Daylights I’ve made it to the Dalton era!  I must say I like Timothy Dalton as Bond a lot more than Roger Moore.  He’s less smarmy than Moore was.  He’s more suave, though I have to say he does lack some charisma.  I guess that’s why he only lasted two films? Living Daylights […]

Ian’s Bond Education: Part 4

December 19, 2015

For Your Eyes Only So as I get further along in my Bond viewing, it feels like the original charm of the early 60’s films is gradually seeping out of this franchise.  The 70s saw the films turn more repetitive, less interesting, and much cheesier, and the 80s doesn’t seem to be reversing that trend […]


December 15, 2015

And so the new Bond re-imagining comes full circle with its inclusion of Spectre and Bond’s nemesis Blofeld. And I quite enjoyed it. Spectre is a very solid entry into the 007 franchise. It offers a great villain, a great love interest, and a plot I was interested in following along with. The action scenes […]

Ian’s Bond Education: Part 3

August 19, 2015

The Man with the Golden Gun I was a little worried that I was gonna hate every Roger Moore film, but I didn’t hate this one.  I kind of liked the simple story of Bond vs. a hit-man idea.  It felt scaled back in a good way.  Though there was some ridiculous parts, like the […]

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

August 8, 2015

The Mission Impossible franchise has been around since 1966 and came in the wake of the Bond franchise which popularize spy stories. Yet now, after four other movies, Rogue Nation is the MI film which tries to emulate Bond the most. Mission Impossible 5 contains a lot of elements that feel a lot like a […]

Ian’s Bond Education: Part 2

January 28, 2015

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a Bond film with a lot of strengths, undercut slightly by some really slow and monotonous down periods. But lets talk about the strengths. The down periods there’s not really much to say except that the movie was about 20 minutes too long and […]

Ian’s Bond Education: Part 1

January 12, 2015

I have a confession to make: I’m not a Bond fan.  I’m not anti-Bond either mind you, its just that I never grew up watching them and I’m not as well acquainted with the series as many other film fans.  So I’ve decided to change that. My history of Bond is seeing Goldeneye back in […]


December 5, 2012

I must confess that I am not a James Bond fan. I’ve always found them to be either incredibly cheesy or just rather dull. The only real exceptions are Dr. No and the more recent Casino Royale. So coming from a non-Bind fan, what was my opinion of the super-hyped Skyfall? Its good. Its still […]

The Ten Greatest Movie Openings

July 15, 2012

10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Peter Jackson and company were putting together an adaptation of arguably the most popular book series of the 20th century in what was destined to be a monumental movie trilogy. So how in the world do you get across to the audience all […]

The Ten Most Memorable Movie Themes

July 8, 2010

10. The Godfather The haunting sounds of the Godfather theme was an instant masterpiece. Its unique melody is instantly recognizable and always associated with the great American classic. The music equals the excellence of the film-making itself. 9. Rocky The Rocky theme is the ultimate anthem of determination and perseverance. How can you listen to […]

Quantum of Solace

November 3, 2009

It’s hard not to compare this movie to Casino Royale, which was better in pretty much every way. Casino Royale had a fleshed out story. Quantom had a thin story which was only used to hang the action pieces on. The bond girl in this new movie was certainly nothing special. They tried giving her […]