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My Top 50 Board Games – Part 5: #10 – #1

July 7, 2014

About the list These are my favourite 50 board games at the present moment.  However, I will readily admit that some games here are fairly new (especially in the 40s and 30s) and may lose polish over time, or rise up to be higher up over time.  There are also many more games I have […]

Dominion Dark Ages: … Another Man’s Treasure

July 3, 2014

Dominion’s final big box expansion was Dark Ages in late 2012. When it was released it was met with some criticism in the board game community as being too convoluted and landing outside the realm of regular Dominion. But personally, I find Dark Ages to be one of the most interesting sets in Dominion’s library. […]

Dominion Hinterlands: Dominion Begins to Wander

April 19, 2014

Looking at the box cover for Dominion’s 4th big box (and 6th overall) expansion, this looks to be a very intriguing addition. There’s some sort of crazy fantasy monkey, an ancient exotic temple, all within a foreign jungle landscape. Altogether it gives the impression of taking Dominion, one of the gaming communities most popular board […]

Dominion Prosperity: A Wealth of Great Cards

February 21, 2014

Dominion is one of the most expandable games out there in the market, and this quality has certainly been taken advantage of. There have been 5 big box and 3 small box expansions so far, but not all of these expansions were created equal. Some of these packages have clearly stood above the rest, and […]

Dominion Seaside: Harbouring Dominion’s Best

September 15, 2013

The year following Dominion’s release, the expansions already started coming. First there was Intrigue, which had some good cards but was really just more of the same. Then came Seaside, which remains to this day one of Dominion’s best expansions and contains many of my favourite cards out of the entire series. Seaside showed the […]

Dominion – Intrigue: Intriguing Possibilities

August 12, 2013

Dominion has a massive reputation in the board gaming world for being highly innovative and influential. However, it Is also known for something else: expansions. Perhaps the only other game that has a bigger reputation when it comes to massive amounts of expansions is Carcassonne. Like most games, Dominion began its expansion run in the […]

Dominion: The Fourth Pillar of Boardgaming

July 3, 2013

Since the turn of the century, the board game industry has been booming. The boom began with the rising popularity of 1995’s The Settlers of Catan, and 2000’s Carcassonne picked up where it left off, introducing gamer’s to a whole new style of board games. A few years later in 2004, Ticket to Ride hit […]

The Ten Best Game Expansions

July 27, 2012

10. Innovation: Echoes of the Past A rather new entry to start the list off, since the game innovation was only released a year or so ago. But expansions don’t take long to be released anymore, and Innovations first expansion was no exception. Now, they could have gone the easy route of simply adding new […]

The Ten Greatest Card Games

July 4, 2010

10. Dominion For such a new game (only two years old) it may not seem right to include it in a list which has games containing so much history and tradition. Yet its massive popularity and intriguing new game mechanics cannot be ignored. Dominion is a game where players use a unique card deck to […]