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Oh no, not another vampire movie! Haven’t we had enough?
Wait a minute, its about what? Vampires in the future where they’ve become the more dominant species? Okay, that’s actually a cool concept… A fresh new take on the mythology which still respects the details of the folklore? Well, that does sound pretty cool…

And in fact, Daybreakers is pretty cool and is a fresh new take on the vampire story. I enjoyed this film a lot because it does what other really good “not-too-distant future” films do; take a premise and fully explore what the world would be like if that premise was put in place. In this way, Daybreakers reminds me of the brilliant Children of Men. There are so many neat details here such as the lack of reflection, the cars modified for daytime driving, and the way they actually explain the vampire’s bat-like nature (as well as their perception as long-eared, tight-skinned monsters).

So is the story equal to the premise and meticulously detailed world? It has a feeling of mediocrity at times, but as a whole it is a really compelling tale. Ethan Hawke’s Edward is a vampire scientist with sympathy for the dying human race and is recruited by a group of humans to help save them. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that the way they resolve certain character arcs (especially Ed and his brother) and the resolution of they ultimate story is very satisfying and entertaining.

I was very surprised with how cool this movie was. I love sci-fi films which immerse you into their world, and Daybreakers is one of those films. There are a few moments of lacking quality, such as a ridiculous “final bad guy shows up at the end only to be shot by an off-screen character” moment straight out of the 80’s action movie textbook. But the majority of the film is so good that these minor squabbles can be overlooked.

One Response to “Daybreakers”

  1. While I didn’t like this movie as much as you did, I really did like the premise. As well as the idea behind the cure. They were both really cool.

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