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Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine set out to make this year’s The Hangover, but didn’t quite deliver. I guess I would sum up this movie as a lot of mediocrity broken up every once in a while by some glints and gleams of genius. There are things to like here, but overall the movie left me feeling bland.

The characters are actually quite well-rounded and each has their own issues to deal with as they time travel back to the eighties. I must say I was really impressed with Rob Corddry here. I knew he was funny from the Daily Show, but I didn’t also realize he could actually act and create a character with consistency and depth.

But was the movie funny? With a show that has such a wacky premise as four guys traveling to the eighties in a hot tub, you would expect some wacky stuff. But not really. Some things fall flat and a poorly executed, like a reveal at the end about certain parental roots. Other moments are really funny, like Craig Robinson’s character phoning his then 9 year old wife.

I am disappointed that they felt like they couldn’t stay away from certain gross-out gags. I always see those as a crutch for cheap laughs, and I personally don’t understand why being as disgusting as possible is funny. Also, what was with the Chevy Chase character? That had no play-off what-so-ever.

Not a lot of laughs here, a few but not a lot, but the characters keep you interested and the ending is really quite satisfying, though completely devoid of any kind of message. Not quite enough to be all too memorable of a comedy however.
But I must give kudos to the costume department, especially the ski hill scene.


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