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The Blu-ray Files #002

Alien – The new blu-ray release of Alien is simply fantastic.  The images are pristine and sharp and looks amazing for a film from the 70s.  The spaceships shots from outer space look fantastic and the interiors look just like they’re supposed to look.  An amazing release.


Apocalypse Now – One of the movies I was most excited to see in high definition did not disappoint in the least.  The colours are rich: perfectly dark when they’re supposed to be dark, perfectly bright and colourful when they’re supposed to be.  Scenes like the helicopter attack and the Do Long bridge look amazing, as do almost all close-ups.  This may be the best film I’ve seen on Blu-ray yet.

The Road Warrior – This is actually the first movie I’ve bought which I did not own prior to owning the blu-ray.  It looks quite good, though there are some weak spots with the video quality, mostly coming with heavy grain in the nighttime sequences.  The biggest example i the scene with the feral boy is spying on Max while he carries his fuel during the night.  But otherwise it looks  and sounds great.

3 Responses to “The Blu-ray Files #002”

  1. After your recommendations I decided to upgrade my Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set with Alien Anthology BD box set 🙂

    I also did not own The Road Warrior on DVD. Mainly cos it had cut version of the film on the disc and there were no special features. BD has uncut international version and a few special features also (not much tho 😦 ).

    • Special features aren’t a big draw for me anymore, not like they were when I first was getting into DVDs. Some making-of stuff is great, but the majority of them are very similar.

      • I dont like those generic press-kit making-of features where basically everybody just says how great everybody is and how much fun they had making the movie.

        What I do like is deleted scenes, gag reels, making-of features that are not like mentioned above and commentary tracks that are either interesting or funny.

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