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The Blu-ray Files #001

This is a new segment of my blog where I will be discussing the blu-ray quality and experiences of the movies in my HD collection.  I have finally entered the world of high definition and I must admit that as a movie fan I have been missing out.  This is where I will document my foray into the blu-ray experience.

The Matrix (Steelbook) -After I bought my new HDTV and blu-ray player, I immediately went to Futureshop to pick up The Matrix on blu-ray.  The Matrix was one of the very first DVDs I owned, so I thought it fitting.  As the very first movie Ive ever seen in blu-ray, I was stunned.  The images were crystal clear and sharp as a knife.  The action flowed smoothly oand the sounds was incredible.  A great first film to watch in this brand new format.  The steelbook packaging is also very cool.

Avatar (Panasonic 3D Exclusive) – The only 3D movie experience where I actually enjoyed the 3D was Avatar.  However, the 3D blu-ray is not available in stores since Panasonic has exclusive rights to it.  You can only get a copy of this DVD if you purchase a Panasonic 3D plasma TV.  Well, as it so happens that is the TV I bought, so it was to my surprise that I was also given a free copy of this.  I’m not a 3D fan, and that is not the reason I bought the TV, but it is nice to have this blu-ray to see what my 3D TV can do.

Of course, watching a 3D movie like Avatar at home isn’t quite as good as the 3D experience of the theater.  But its still quite impressive.  The 3D really makes the colours of Pandora pop, and it blends in pretty well.  The best 3D stuff is actually the most subtle moments, like the bugs flying around or the ashes falling.   Actually, the best 3D effect here is Jake’s video diary, with the screen display  sitting out front.  A small detail but very effective.

Inception – Inception, my pick for best movie of 2010, looks amazing on blu-ray.  The sound really rings through and the visuals are sharp and pure.  The colours are vibrant.  This is a great example of how recent films can truly utilize digital technology.  The package also contains a DVD and digital copy, which is starting to be the trend lately.  This is pretty cool, since those not yet upgraded to blu-ray can still buy the package, and when they do upgrade they have the bluray already.  Or you can take your bluray over to someone else’s house who only has a DVD player and not worry.  The digital copy is pointless in my mind however.  Movies are not meant to be watched on something as small as an ipod or ipad.  Why bother?

5 Responses to “The Blu-ray Files #001”

  1. I’m very envious of The Matrix steelbook.

  2. I also have Panasonic plasma TV, not the 3D one tho. So no free disc for me 😦
    I really want to get Inception on BD but the damn price refuses to drop on this one.

    • I didn’t get 3D purposefully, as I’m usually anti-3D, but its becoming a standard feature in most of the higher up models anyways. The free disc was cool though. 🙂

      • I didn`t get 3D cos the dealer had 50″ one but I had room for a 42″ and Im not a fan of 3D. Also there were reports of VT-series (3D) having a bit weaker picture quality to V-series (2D).

      • Really? I haven’t heard anything about that. VT is supposed to have incredible picture quality. And, well, it does.

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