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Up in the Air

I really enjoyed this movie. The three main cast members are a delight to watch, especially Anna Kendrick as the up-tight, ambition-driven business grad. She hit that character just right. Clooney and Farmiga are also great in their roles. I cared about these characters and relished watching them on screen.

I really enjoy learning about different cultures that I otherwise wouldn’t have recognized, and in Up in the Air we are introduced to airport culture. The way Bingham knows the ins and outs of the system in fun to watch, and his frustration with the newbie Natalie is also fun.

But what this movie is really about is relationships and why we bother to have them at all. This is a deep theme which is addressed with just the right tone so that its not taken too lightly and not weighed down by too heavy of a backpack. The dialogue is natural and the characters make us really invest in them. Up in the Air is a strong, solid picture which will end up surprising you at the end with its message.

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