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Quantum of Solace

It’s hard not to compare this movie to Casino Royale, which was better in pretty much every way. Casino Royale had a fleshed out story. Quantom had a thin story which was only used to hang the action pieces on. The bond girl in this new movie was certainly nothing special. They tried giving her a background to give her depth, but it just didn’t work. Vesper just inherently had depth through her relationship with Bond and the wonderful portrayal by Eva Green.

I really liked the opening where they are torturing Mr. White, and he laughs at them because MI6 doesn’t even know they exist. And the Opera scene was a relly cool idea. But then the story drifted to some plot about oil and water which didn’t live up to the premise of this big mysterious organization they built up.

And there was no good villain in this movie. The bad guy wasn’t nearly menacing enough. Again, compared to Le Chiffre, this Greene guy just didn’t have the bond-villain quality and had hardly any charisma about him.

Yet the film was entertaining, even though the action scenes did get tiring after a while. It was more of a Bourne movie than a Bond movie, yet at the same time it was kind of nice that they didn’t do exactly the same thing as Casino Royale either. So it was entertaining, but shallow and disappointing.


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