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My Top Five TV Shows of 2019

5. Silicon Valley
Season 6
This is a comedy I’ve enjoyed the whole way through its run.  Its never the best thing on, but its always enjoyable.  This final season was consistent with that.  And Gilfoyle just kills me; love that character.  Especially his relationship with Dinesh.
4. The Expanse
Season 4
I’m a big fan of the books, but it took me a while to get into the show.  It seemed too much like Battlestar Galactica when it started, but it didn’t take long to find its own voice, and since then its been steadily getting better.  This last season, with a lot of the action being on-planet, might be their best yet.
3. The Mandalorian
Season 1
Baby Yoda. Nuff said.
2. Watchmen
Season 1
I’ll admit I was hesitant about Watchmen at first.  It seemed very loosely connected to the original story and seemed pretty scattered.  But it works.  It all works.  All the threads come together in ways you don’t expect.  There are people out there who didn’t bother watching Watchmen, who thought it juvenile superhero trash, or didn’t like its politics, who will want to know why I liked this show so much.  And they will cry out: “Convince us.”  And I will whisper: “no.”
1. Chernobyl
Damn this was good.  The drama was perfectly pitched, the stakes were high, the details incredibly interesting.  There are so many good lines, so much great imagery, and so much I learned about this infamous incident.  This is top notch television film-making.

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