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7 Wonders: Wonder Pack


The first two expansions for the smash hit 7 Wonders each came with 1 or 2 new wonder boards for players to try out. This third, smaller expansion focuses entirely on these new wonders. The slender box contains 4 new cities, offering more variety in which wonders the players are able to build. (It also doubles the “seven” wonders from the original game).


1Great Wall of China – The interesting thing about the great wall is that there are four possible rewards on each side, but you do not have to build each level in order. You get to choose which section of the wall you wish to build when. I think this one a lot.

2Stonehenge – Stonehenge gives you points and coin for how much stone you have. Its kinda weird. I mean thematically I get it, but there’s no other types of scoring like this for the other resources, so why is stone singled out?

3Mannekin Pis – This was originally a promo, but is now included in this pack. Its neat because a) it gives money as a starting resource and b) you can claim the wonder levels of your neighbours.

4Abu Simbel – Alright so this is perhaps the most complicated but most interesting wonder. When you can do when you reach a level is “bury” one of your leaders, and then get points for them at the end. You get twice as many points as their cost, so the better the leader you sacrifice the more points.



Best Feature:
While Abu Simbel may be most interesting, I like the Great Wall of China because of the pick and choose bonuses.

When to use: You can thrown them in all the time. They are just extra variety for the player cities.

Does it fit?: Yes, but it gets tight and some of the wonders are swimming around above the insert.

What type: This is a more of the same expansion, simply adding more wonders.

Overall: I love having the wonder pack, as I love more of the same expansions which add to variety. It’s a pretty simple pack, with only 4 new wonder boards, but the art is as great as ever and the new bonuses are fun.


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  1. Great concise review. Thanks.

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