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Foxcatcher tells the story of two wrestling brothers who allow themselves to be taken under the wing of an eccentric millionaire as their coach.  Its based off of a true story, but whether that gives it more or less power is up to how you feel about it I suppose.  It’s is a competently made film.  The cinematography is fine, the editing is fine, and so on.  The main problem is that its entirely devoid of any type of charisma.

This lack of charisma extends into the performances of both Channing Tatum, whose almost Neanderthal like as Mark, and Steve Carrell as John Du Pont who is essentially an unfunny Michael Scott, filtered so that only the awkwardness is left.   They aren’t bad performances, but with the dialogue they lack spark.    Mark Ruffalo’s David is the only one who really gives you some personality to latch on to.

So what results is a somewhat interesting, somewhat boring story.  It was hard to see what made this particular story remarkable enough to make a movie about it, which I found out at thee end.  But even then, the ending of the film just kind of happens.  There’s not a lot of build up to it, follow up from it, or any real power behind it.


2 Responses to “Foxcatcher”

  1. Still haven’t seen this one, but it’s quite refreshing to read a mixed review of it.

  2. A very chilly movie, but made great by the wonderful performances from the cast. Nice review Ian.

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