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My Top 100 Movies – Part 4: #70 – #61

About the list

And so I’ve decided to tackle the great white whale and try to come up with the list of my 100 favourite movies.  This was not easy, but I decided to try anyway.

Please note that these are my favourite films, and as such some choices will be based on a personal sense of nostalgia (especially the top 5, once we eventually get there).  There are movies that I have connections to that may rank them higher than you might expect.  That being said, if there are films here you disagree with, don’t hesitate to argue them in the comments, and if there are choices you do agree with, feel free to show your support.  If you think something it too high or too low, let me know.  I’m not going to resort to the “well its my opinion” argument.

Keep in mind that this list is not made in stone, and some films in the future may go up or down in my estimation, as is wont to happen.  Also, there may be films that I haven’t seen yet which may take a spot on the list later.  I guess what I’m saying is that this is my 100 at the present time, though its a pretty good indicator of my taste in films.

70. This Is Spinal Tap


Spinal Tap is the precursor to the “awkward humour” made popular by The Office.  Its got a unique documentary style which works well with the subtle humour.  The things these guys say is so ridiculous, you always manage to find new idiotic comments every time you watch.


69. Kill Bill Volume 1

This film surprised me when I saw it, because frankly I expected to hate it.  But it was just so much fun!  Full of style and flash.  I do expect however, that this may go down over time, because I think that perhaps Tarantino’s overindulgence may begin to get grating over time.


68. Kill Bill Volume 2

Just like my last set of ten was Cameron heavy, this post is going to be Tarantino heavy.  I always seem to flip flop between which of the Kill Bill movies I like the most, and at the present moment it is #2.  It just seems to allow itself more room to breath, if that makes any sense.


67. Paths of Glory


Paths of Glory; the war film where we only see one side.  But its really cool.  The trench camera shots are awesome, and the battle progressions are thrilling.  Its an oddly structured film, as the action is all in the first half, and then its a courtroom drama.  But it has a lot to say about abuse of power during wartime, and is an important film in Kubrick’s repertoire.


66. M*A*S*H*


When I talked about American Graffiti I mentioned those types of movies when dont really have a plot but just let you hang with the characters.  MASH is one of the best examples of that.  And what characters they are!  This is a hilarious movie just in the sense that the people who are here are just funny in and of themselves.  And the ludicrous hings they do, like setting up an audience to spy on the girls showering and staging a fake funeral because someone has gone impotent, are hilarious.  One of the best comedies ever made.


65. The Godfather Part II


Hollywood’s most celebrated sequel.  The second part to this grand story sees Michael taking the reigns as don.  But it also shows the rise of Vito in a series of flashbacks.  In the hands of a less skilled team, this would be a mess, but it works wonderfully well here.  With great direction and music this movie is dripping with atmosphere.  I know it was you Fredo!


64. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


I’m not big into Westerns, so you wont see many on this list, but I love Butch and Sundance.  Its been said countless times, but the reason this movie is so great is the chemistry between the leads.  The reason its said so much is because its simply true.  The jumping scene is iconic and great, as is the train robbery and the challenge to Butch’s power.  Just awesome.


63. Pulp Fiction


Pulp Fiction was a gamechanger.  Its a movie that is just cool. It has gangsters talking about McDonalds and footrubs.  It has Samuel L.  Jackson at his most Samuel L. Jacksony.  If you have not yet seen Pulp Fiction, pick it up on blu-ray.  Its the one that says “bad mother fucker” on it.


62. Inglourious Basterds


And yet, somehow Tarantino ended up making a film that managed to be better than his signature Pulp Fiction.  That film is Inglourious Basterds.  Its a movie with a strong vision of what it wants to be and how to get there.  It is full of both suspense and humour in equal measure.  And it has introduced us to a great villain in Hans Landa.  As Tarantino says right there through his screenplay at the end of the film, they may just well be his masterpiece


61. Up


Call me a softy, but I love Up.  I mean, look at all the colours!  Okay, while it is a visual feast, it has a very strong emotional core with a strong character arc for Carl.  Pixar is very good at dealing with themes, and often that theme is dealing with loss.  This is the most obvious storyline which fits that, and perhaps the strongest.  It also manages to bat out a great love story in five minutes.


2 Responses to “My Top 100 Movies – Part 4: #70 – #61”

  1. The only disagreement you’ll hear from me is Up. I love all of the others and they’d be among my favourites as well.

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