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22 Jump Street


21 Jump Street surprised a lot of people with how fun it was. 22 Jump Street doesn’t have that element of surprise, as everyone now expected it to be funny. And while 21 is probably the better film, I have to say that 22 was probably the funnier of the two.

Some of the funniest parts were:
-The running joke with Ice Cube
– Channing Tatum’s performance. They really played him up as a dumb musclehead this time and it worked

– The walk of shame
– Jonah Hill posing as a mexican criminal

I laughed a lot during this film. The story was more straight-forward and less involving than the last one, and the “this is a sequel and we know it and will make jokes about it” almost goes too far, but not to the point of distraction. The action also gets a little more ludicrous. But it was damn funny.

One Response to “22 Jump Street”

  1. Good review Ian. It’s a very funny movie that comes close to being better than the first. It isn’t, but still up there.

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