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Our Idiot Brother

This was alright. I was expecting more of a comedy to be honest, but there weren’t a whole lot of laughs. It wasn’t failed laughs mind you, just not a lot of attempts. It did make me chuckle at times.

The characters were good, especially the character of Paul Rudd’s Ned who is actually quite likable. I like that they didn’t make him a total buffoon, but actually created a real person with real relationships with his family. The story was enough to keep me interested probably because these relationships felt authentic. But man, talk about movies where the loose ends are tied up nice and neatly; this one was professionally wrapped from Sears during Christmas season.

One Response to “Our Idiot Brother”

  1. Nice review. Paul Rudd is terrific as the loveable, good-hearted, naive Ned. His warmth makes this a feel good film, but the annoying sisters take their toll and nearly ruin my Rudd buzz.

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