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After Earth

June 8, 2013

Here’s my brief, one-sentence review for those who don’t want to read my ramblings on: not enough animal attacks. Will Smith is a soldier who takes his son on an interstellar space voyage which crash lands on earth. However, earth has been abandoned for an indeterminate number of years and has grown wild. However, the […]

Men In Black 3

June 2, 2012

“I promised the secrets of the universe, nothing more.” I’ve never been a big Men in Black fan. When I saw the first one, I was coming off of the high from Independence Day the summer before, and compared to that blockbuster, it left me feeling disappointed. And the second film, I don’t even remember […]

Film Club Review – Seven Pounds

July 6, 2010

I don’t know how much of a plot summary I should give for Seven Pounds, since I’m not sure how much of it is intended to be a mystery. If it is supposed to be a mystery, its pretty easy to figure out. None-the-less, I won’t give any of it away. The vague description is […]