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My Worst 5 Movies of 2017

January 13, 2018

I know some people hate worst of lists, but I find it cathartic in a way.  Its like saying that the things you love aren’t always perfect, and you are okay with that.  Understanding what doesn’t work helps you to appreciate when it does work more.  That said, I didn’t see a whole lot of […]

My Top 5 Worst Films of 2012

January 6, 2013

Another year, another slate of both good and bad films.  My best of 2012 list still needs a bit of time.  But seeing as I don’t actively seek out bad movies, this list is ready to go. 5. The Amazing Spider-Man It was an unnecessary reboot made worse by the fact that they did almost […]

Underworld: Awakening

February 23, 2012

“It’s worse if you try to fight it, trust me. ” This movie is crack for Vampire junkies. Its rushed, high-paced action pretty much the whole way through, with very little slow spots to catch your breath. This may appeal to many, but I felt like I needed those slow spots to catch up and […]