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Bridge of Spies

February 17, 2016

Spielberg has given his take on WWI, WWII, and the Civil War, and now he tries his hand at the cold war. Bridge of Spies tells an intriguing story about a prisoner exchange between the US and the Soviets which is expertly told. Its nice to see a spy drama grounded in the reality of […]

Captain Phillips

December 27, 2013

Being based on a true story is not necessarily a bonus for any film, nor is it a requirement to make a film better. However, in some circumstances, it does help, such as here in Captain Phillips where director Paul Greengrass strives hard for a strong sense of realism. This is a movie that is […]

Cloud Atlas

May 18, 2013

Cloud Atlas is six stories melded into one. The main idea is that these stories take place in different time periods but involve the same souls of the people involved. We have one story set in the present, three in the past, and two in the future. The problem with a concept like this is […]

Angels & Demons

October 20, 2009

I am one of the people who enjoyed the Da Vinci Code movie and I have read both Langdon books. So I was actually pretty excited to see Angels & Demons as the story in the book is more adept to having an exciting cinematic adaption than Da Vinci was. Unfortunately this was a very […]