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Film Club Review – Frequency

August 22, 2013

My Review Frequency Frequency is an interesting little number in which, through some atmospheric anomaly, a man in 1999 is able to communicate with his father from 30 years early through a radio. And in doing so, the son is able to warn his father of his impending death the very next day. Its a […]


October 6, 2012

Well that was quite the movie. Its strong and weak aspects are really pulling at me here as I try to form an overall opinion. So lets start off by talking about why this movie is great. Then I can talk about why its not. It takes balls to tackle a serious time travel story, […]

Hot Tub Time Machine

July 1, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine set out to make this year’s The Hangover, but didn’t quite deliver. I guess I would sum up this movie as a lot of mediocrity broken up every once in a while by some glints and gleams of genius. There are things to like here, but overall the movie left me […]