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30 Minutes or Less

August 22, 2011

30 Minutes or Less isn’t necessarily a movie that will blow your socks off, but it is certainly one of the most consistent and funniest comedies I’ve seen this year thus far. Jesse Eisenberg who plays Nick, a pizza boy strapped to a bomb and forced to rob a bank, does a great job making […]

Film Club Review – Ran

August 18, 2011

One of Kurosawa’s later films, Ran tells the story of a Japanese warlord with three sons who has decided to step down from power. I went into the movie excepting a visual feast, but what I got was a feast of high drama. I guess with a plot based from Shakespeare, I should have expected […]


August 15, 2011

This was an odd little movie, but that’s all a part of its charm. Rango is about a domestic chameleon who thinks he’s an actor, and when he ends up in the desert by accident, he pretends he;’s a gunslinger to fit in with the townsfolk. What we get after this is a rather interesting […]

Film Club Review – Metropolitan

August 6, 2011

Metropolitan is a story about the high class New York socialite society in the late 20th century. When the movie starts out, a group of young socialite are meeting and having having a lot of conversations which require a lot of big, educated words and ideas. Whether this is an attempt at irony regarding pretentiousness […]

The Blu-ray Files #006

August 5, 2011

On this special edition of The Blu-ray Files I will be looking at the newly released Lord of the Rings Extended Edition trilogy box set.  I will be talking about each movie individually, but I do want to make a comment on the overall packaging itself.  This box set is simply outstanding.  The box is […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

July 27, 2011

I can honestly say that back in the beginning I highly doubted they would finish the entire series. There were too many books, and it would be too hard to keep everyone together, especially with the main actors being kids. I was wrong. Eight movies later and we are left with one heck of an […]

The Adjustment Bureau

July 26, 2011

This was a nice little surprise. A mix of sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and romance but leaning more heavily on the romance. But not in a cheesy way, in a more humanistic way. The Adjustment Bureau is a movie which will make you think and feel in just the right proportion. Matt Damon is a political candidate […]

Film Club Review – In the Loop

July 17, 2011

In the Loop Although a movie has many aspects, each individual film usually has one of these aspects which the rest are centered around. Some times they are centered around characters, sometimes around plot, other times around setting…. and sometimes they are centered around dialogue. In the Loop is one of the latter. This movie […]

Film Club Review – Giant

July 2, 2011

I’ve heard Giant described as a “low-rent Gone with the Wind.” That’s not too off the mark. I’d describe it as Gone With the Wind without a purpose. Giant’s main problem is its lack of focus. It seems to be all over the map, trying to be too many things at once and not really […]

X-Men: First Class

June 25, 2011

X-Men First Class will be seen as the film which put the X-Men franchise back on track, after the disappointing X-Men 3 and the simply atrocious Wolverine. X-Men First class does what the first two film did, which is show patience and let the story unfold naturally. Its a rousing action film and another entry […]

The Hangover Part II

June 20, 2011

The sequel to 2009’s sleeper hit The Hangover reminds me of what sequels used to be back in the 90s. Sequels back then, especially comedy sequels, were severe sufferer’s of ‘sequeilitis’ which makes them simply try to redo all the same things they did before. They have to use the same lines, retread the same […]

True Grit

June 17, 2011

I’m not big on westerns, but this one won me over. At least, as much as a western can win me over. It did take a while for me to warm up to it though. it did start off rather slow and meandering (in other words, normal Western pace). But what holds this film apart […]

The Dilemma

June 5, 2011

I’m not really sure who told Kevin James he’s a movie star.  He doesn’t really have a lot of charisma, nor does he seem to have the gravitas to hold up a movie in a starring role.  Yet there he is.  He acts here alongside Vince Vaughn, who does have those things.  Vaughn’s schtick is […]


May 15, 2011

The mighty Thor has finally graced the big screen and joined the ever-growing movement of movie-bound superheroes. And I am very glad he did. Thor is certainly one of the better comic book movie efforts over the last decade. It has great visuals, it has good action, it has strong acting, and it has heart. […]

Film Club Review – Modern Times

May 14, 2011

I will not claim that I am a Chaplin expert as I have only seen three of his films, the other two being City Lights and The Gold Rush. But compared to those other two, Modern Times falls slightly short. It is very strong elements but also some weaker aspects. The main problem though is […]