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Jason Bourne

August 16, 2016

Jason Bourne is a Jason Bourne movie alright. Its got everything you would expect from a Bourne film; a juggernaut of frenetic pace and action, a minimal spy plot, and a stoic yet effecting performance from Matt Damon. It takes us to locations like Athens, Berlin, London and Vegas this time around. I particularly enjoyed […]

The Martian

November 23, 2015

We’ve been getting lots of space movies lately, hey? Prometheus, Gravity, Interstellar, and now The Martian. And they’re all good! I thought that The Martian may start to feel tired being at the end of this chain, but I ended up enjoying it quite a lot. It didn’t actually feel like those other movies. You […]


August 25, 2013

Hollywood has been obsessed with dystopian sci-fi for a while now, and when you look at some of the great films to come from that genre, its easy to see why. However, Elysium will not be joining their ranks. I was looking forward to Elysium as the concept was interesting and the people behind it […]

The Adjustment Bureau

July 26, 2011

This was a nice little surprise. A mix of sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and romance but leaning more heavily on the romance. But not in a cheesy way, in a more humanistic way. The Adjustment Bureau is a movie which will make you think and feel in just the right proportion. Matt Damon is a political candidate […]


January 30, 2010

For the most part, I don’t really like biographies. They are usually far too formulaic, long, and dull. However they can work when the filmmakers decide to choose a specific moment of the person’s life and focus on that. This is the technique used in The Queen a few years ago, and its what Eastwood […]

The Informant!

October 21, 2009

As I watched this movie, I really didn’t know what to make of it or what to expect next, much like how the FBI agents felt about Mark Whitacre. Matt Damon was great in this role as a seemingly daft FBI mole working at a corrupt company. He is funny and likable, even when he […]