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The Ten Most Influential People of the 16th Century

March 24, 2011

10. Hernan Cortes (1485 – 1547) Exploration Cortes can be considered to represent the whole lot of conquistadors who can be considered responsible for wiping out whole civilizations. Cortes’ conquest of Mexico lead to the downfall of the Aztecs and the devastation of Mesoamerica. The story of Cortes’ arrival in the Aztec Empire and his […]

The Ten Most Influential People of the 17th Century

March 24, 2010

10. William Harvey (1578-1657) Medicine William Harvey revolutionized the field of medical science by mapping out the human circulatory system in full detail. Until then, no one had really known how blood was pumped through the body. His discoveries would lead to more detailed analysis of our bodies’ physiology and anatomy allowing for the field […]

The Ten Most Influential People of the 18th Century

November 16, 2009

10. Peter the Great Politics Peter I’s rule as Czar saw many changes in Russia in the early 1700’s which would extend over the next couple hundred years. Russia was brought into the modern realm under Peter’s hand and went through much reformation to do so. Peter the Great expanded Russia greatly and strengthened their […]