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Cyclades: Get Your Greek On

August 28, 2012

Theme is an important aspect of board games. Of course some simply don’t have a theme, such as Backgammon, and others have tired themes which are vastly overused, like the annoying influx of dungeon crawl games out there. But when you see a game with a theme based on one of your other interests, it’s […]


December 4, 2011

Watching the trailer for Immortals, it looked to be another ancient Greece story in the same vein as 300. Turns out that its more similar to Clash of the Titans than it is 300. I wish it had more of 300’s visual style, because then I could still enjoy it on some level even without […]

Clash of the Titans

April 17, 2010

By Zeus’s beard, this was a bad movie! Clash of the Titans really just a series of action scenes strung together with really weak prepositions. And the action scenes really aren’t that good. They’re blurry and unclear and I couldn’t wait for them to finish (apart from the Medusa scene which I actually enjoyed a […]