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The Family

October 12, 2013

Good movies are able to capture and maintain  a desired tone, which gives the film a unique feel.  But there are many bad movies which can’t seem to decide what tone it wants to take.  The Family is one of those. The Family seeing Robert De Niro as a mobster who is hiding in France […]

Director Talk: Martin Scorsese

May 24, 2012

A new director talk, and this time we’re pulling out the big guns.  We are talking about the highly acclaimed Martin Scorsese.  And of course, I stir up the pot again. The round table discussion is being held over at Fog’s Movie Reviews along with Fogs, PG Cooper, and myself. Follow the link to read […]

AFI Recap: #91 – #100

August 3, 2011

91. My Fair Lady (1964) – I will say I enjoyed the linguistic aspect of this movie and found it quite interesting.  I also found both Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrington to be very charming in their roles.  However, there are way, way, way too many songs and it is overlong by about an hour.  […]