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Director Talk: David Fincher

April 7, 2012

Ian: We are back with Director Talk. And by we I mean the three greatest, and most humble, movie bloggers of all-time! Oh wait, actually its just myself, PG Cooper, and Fogs. Today we take a look at the work of acclaimed director David Fincher, who came onto the scene in the early nineties and […]

My Top Ten Films of 2011

February 6, 2012

10. Contagion As a former microbiologist, I appreciated this movie a lot.  It provided a very realistic idea of how something like this might go down.  And hey, its pretty much the film version of one of my favourite board games: Pandemic! 9. Moneyball The game about baseball statistics proved to be much more interesting […]

My 2011-2012 Oscar Predictions – Part 2: The Technicals

January 27, 2012

This is the section which includes the technical aspects of film-making.  I went 6 for 6 last year, so the pressure’s on! VISUAL EFFECTS: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Tim Burke, David Vickery, Greg Butler and John Richardson Hugo, Rob Legato, Joss Williams, Ben Grossman and Alex Henning Real Steel, Erik […]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

January 21, 2012

As background for this review, I have both read the book and seen the original Swedish film, so this is my third go around with this story. And I have to say that David Fincher`s adaptation is very faithful to its source material as well as being a huge step up from the Swedish version.  […]