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Memoir ’44: History in a Box

December 31, 2011

To honour the 60th anniversary of D-Day in 2004, Days of Wonder released a game called Memoir ’44. The purpose was to give players a sense of the history behind the battles in France at that time while also being accessible to anyone who wanted to play. Mission accomplished. Memoir ’44 as a wargame manages […]

Small World – Cursed!: A Nasty Bit of Fun

February 10, 2011

Board game expansions are tricky. The whole point of them is to add new freshness to the game and give a richer experience. However, if this ends up changing the game too much, the original experience of the game can seem muddied and enthusiasm can quickly be drenched. Yet some games seem to be tailor-made […]

Eurorails: Building Victory with Crayons

April 4, 2010

Eurorails My friend Matt invited me over a few years ago to try out this new board game he had learned. It was called Eurorails. At this time, I had never settled Catan or built Carcassonne and I really didn’t know much about board games beyond the usual suspects. Well, I was enamored. I fell […]

The Farming Game: Harvest the Fun

February 21, 2010

The Farming Game Theme is usually an important part of a board game. Themes allow players to take on different roles depending on the game they are playing. In Monopoly, they have the chance to be a high-finance real estate tycoon. In Clue they get to pretend that they are a homicide detective. And in […]

Monopoly: Why So Popular?

October 26, 2009

Monopoly If you ask the general public what they first think of when you mention ‘board games’, their one word response will almost certainly be ‘Monopoly’. Over the last century Monopoly has managed to work its way up into the position of being the quintessential board game. It has been played by 750 million people […]

Chess: History`s Game

October 24, 2009

Chess If I were to compile a list of the greatest board games based not only on gameplay but also on impact, influence and history, Chess would most certainly be sitting at the top. Chess has a spot in board game history that no other game will ever occupy. Chess is the most recognized board […]