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Film Through the Ages II

November 7, 2012

Its time for another Film Through the Ages post, where I gather movie recommendations from bloggers from all around the blogosphere.  We try to cover each movie decade since the emergence of sound pictures, and recommend great films from a given year that we think you, as an avid blog reader and movie fan, should […]

Director Talk: David Fincher

April 7, 2012

Ian: We are back with Director Talk. And by we I mean the three greatest, and most humble, movie bloggers of all-time! Oh wait, actually its just myself, PG Cooper, and Fogs. Today we take a look at the work of acclaimed director David Fincher, who came onto the scene in the early nineties and […]

Director Talk – James Cameron

February 19, 2012

Welcome to the new feature of this blog, which will be looking at the works and influence of various directors.  This feature also involves PG Cooper from PG Cooper’s Movie Review, and Fog from Fog’s Movie Reviews.  (Wow, the three of us sure don’t have very original blog names!)  The three of us hope to […]

My 2011-2012 Oscar Predictions – Part 1: The Outliers

January 25, 2012

And so another set of Oscar predictions for a new set of Oscar nominees.  Some interesting choices for many of the categories, but which will win?  I’m out to break last years prediction score of 67%, and I think I can do it!  Here we go! Part 1: The Outliers This group is made up […]

Film Club Review – Dial M for Murder

May 11, 2010

This will be the first of my film club reviews. For more information on what they’re all about, read my page about them. Dial M for Murder Of course everyone knows that Hitchcock is the master of suspense, and I always enjoy a good Hitchcock film, yet there are still many of his I haven’t […]