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My Top Ten Films of 2012

January 30, 2013

10. Skyfall I’m not that big of a Bond fan, but I do like the Danial Craig interpretations. Skyfall was a pretty fun movie which was not scared to play around with Bond’s iconic image. One of the better action films of the year. 9. The Grey This was certainly my biggest surprise of the […]

My 2012-2013 Oscar Predictions – Part 3: The Story Aspects

January 27, 2013

The third part of the predictions involves the storytelling through screenplays, editing, and then I threw in cinematography and the music categories just so they fit somewhere. Lets take a look! ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Amour, Written by Michael Haneke Django Unchained, Written by Quentin Tarantino Flight, Written by John Gatins Moonrise Kingdom, Written by Wes Anderson […]

My 2012-2013 Oscar Predictions – Part 2: The Technicals

January 26, 2013

These next categories are usually the categories I am most interested in when watching the Oscars, because they can have a tendancy to honour films that would usually be overlooked in the more prominent categories. These are the categories which focus on the video and audio details of the film. VISUAL EFFECTS: The Hobbit: An […]

Django Unchained

January 17, 2013

Django Unchained is probably Quentin Tarantino’s most straight forward film, yet it is also perhaps his most indulgent. This story of a slave who is freed, becomes a bounty hunter, and tries to rescue his wife has a clear-cut arc. But within that arc we get a lot of Tarantino’s stylized direction. The strongest aspect […]