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My Top 100 Movies – Part 8: #30 – #21

August 7, 2014

About the list Please note that these are my favourite films, and as such some choices will be based on a personal sense of nostalgia (especially the top 5, once we eventually get there).  There are movies that I have connections to that may rank them higher than you might expect.  That being said, if […]

A Good Day to Die Hard

February 18, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard works fine as a run-of-the-mill action flick. The story is easy to follow, the action is frequent, and there are a lot of cool smash-em up visuals. Though I must admit I felt bad for the innocent civilian drivers who got decimated during the big car chase scene. The […]

The Blu-ray Files #010

August 23, 2011

Die Hard – Reviews for the Die Hard blu-ray had me not expecting much when I watched it, but when I did I thought it looked incredible.  Nothing outstanding like Braveheart of Apocalypse Now, but just consistently really good.  The high definition was very apparent and just made the film look beautiful in its own […]

My Ten Best Movies of the 80s

March 5, 2010

10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) The Indiana Jones trilogy brought a real sense of fun and adventure back into Hollywood. In this great third installment, Ford is partnered with Connery in a father-son relationship which is at the heart of the story. Crusade is great for this relationship, the humour, and the […]