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Small World: Royal Bonus

October 10, 2017

Small World expansions have always excited me, as I love getting new races to add to the variety of the gameplay. It seems limitlessly expandable, so long as you can find new ways to create different abilities within the rules. So when Days of Winder ran a kickstarter for the Small World ipad app, I […]

Small World Realms: Bigger and Better… Well, Bigger At Least

November 4, 2013

Small World is one of my favourite games and has proven to be easily expandable. Most of the expansions coming out have included new races and powers, as would seem obvious. However, a small group of fans clamoured for more map expansions, and so Days of Wonder released Realms. Realms allows players to make their […]

My Ten Favourite Small World Races

September 10, 2011

10. Cultists Rounding out my list at #10 is the cultists. I didn’t think I would like the cultists. Perhaps because of the darker theme they invoke, I’m not sure. But they are really quite cool and quite powerful. The Cultists can actually summon Cthulhu( though they don’t actually call him Cthulhu in the game), […]