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My Top 50 Board Games – Part 1: #50-#41

July 3, 2014

Introduction to the list These are my favourite 50 board games at the present moment.  However, I will readily admit that some games here are fairly new (especially in the 40s and 30s) and may lose polish over time, or rise up to be higher up over time.  There are also many more games I […]

Blokus: More than Just Tabletop Tetris

November 13, 2011

It’s easy to mistake Blokus as the board game version of Tetris on appearance alone. It’s full of brightly coloured blocks arranged in varying assortments which must be configured within proper spaces. But Blokus really is its own game and has strategy and gameplay all its own. While Tetris is about compacting these bricks into […]