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Top Ten Superhero Movies of the Decade

10. The Avengers
I’m not sure this ones going to hold up well over time, but it was a big deal.  Maybe it makes the list more on its significance.  Second half much better than the first.
9. Captain America: Winter Solider
Sure it gave up the MCU’s lamest character in Bucky Barnes that we had to put up with ever since, but otherwise this is a pretty solid action flick.  The elevator scene is great, and I like the old spy movie elements.
8. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
Made two lists.  How about that.
7. Avengers: Infinity War
The culmination of all the MCU that came before.  Some great pairings in this movie with a strong villain at the core.
6. The Dark Knight Rises
The conclusion of Nolan’s trilogy.  Its the weakest of the three perhaps, but its still really good.  Its interesting seeing Bruce have to come back from his lowest point.  It gets a little outlandish with the level of chaos the city falls into, but it works for the drama created from it.
5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Does this really count as a superhero movie?  I mean, its part of the MCU, so that’s why its here.  But there’s an argument to be made its more sci-fi.  Bah, genre classification is stupid.  It ties in with Marvel,so its here.  Regardless, its a heck of a lot of fun.
4. X-Men: Days of Future Past
This is sort of like the Endgame of the x-men universe.  All kinds of stuff gets thrown together here, past and present, and it all works really well.  Centering Wolverine and the central character traveling back to the past is a brilliant stroke.  We get crazy action in the future time, and solid drama in the past.  They could have needed X-men here and it would have been a great send off.
Although then we wouldn’t get this great send-off…
3. Logan
In 2009, we got a long awaited Wolverine spin-off, and then wished we hadn’t.  But a few years later, we wound up with Logan, a contemplative look at the toll of Wolverine’s years and lifestyle.  Adding in Patrick Stewart was a great movie as well.  This movie looks great, is deeply felt, and still has that comic book action we crave.
2. Wonder Woman
I feel like this may go down as a superhero classic.  It has the elements: great protagonist, strong motivation which says something about heroism, an iconic look and an iconic scene (no-mans land).  I appreciate it more every time I see it.
1. Avengers Endgame
The most financially successful movie of all time, built on the backs of 20 other films.  Its a ridiculous smorgasbord of Marvelly action, but its also a pretty solid story, especially in the first half.  The world is dealing with the “snap”, and thinks are looking bleak.  But a ray of hope brings the team back together and then things really get rolling.  They really nailed this one.  I was very impressed.  In a year of big franchises letting us down with their endings, MCU did anything but.

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