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Top Ten Horror Movies of the Decade

10. Black Swan

Does this count as a horror movie?  Its sort of psychological horror, right?  Anyways, I haven’t seen it in a while, but remember really liking it.  So it makes the list.

9. Halloween

Despite how much I hate that they want this to be a sequel to Halloween, yet called it EXACTLY THE SAME THING, I really ended up liking it.  It felt solidly constructed with lots of weight behind it.  Michael Myers returning as an old man is good stuff.
8. Train to Busan
Again, this might be considered action instead. look; I don’t want to get into a big war with you people on genre semantics.  Its got zombies, its got scenes full of tension, its fine.  It works fine.  Also, its an awesome movie.
7. It
Its one of the more pedestrian choices for the list, and that’s fine!  I like this movie!  Pennywise is creepy, the kids have a good story going, they are able to filter the Stephen King-ness out to keep it essential.
6. The Witch
Bloody freaky, I tell you.  Love the old timey setting.  Really made my skin crawl, especially near the end.
5. Midsommar
I’m still not sure the ending sits right with me.  It’s all kinds of messed up.  But this movie pulled me in quickly sand then just held on.  The Scandinavian colony idea was intriguing and haunting.
4. Hereditary
Hey, same director. How about that.  Again, that ending…   Is Ari Aster okay?   Should someone check on him, make sure he’s doing alright?
3. A Quiet Place
A great premise with execution to match.  Lots of cool details here, lots of tense scenes, an oddly quiet theater experience.  Loved it.
2. Get Out
This one has grown on me more and more.  A nice mystery build up, and a good twist moment when you realize what is happening.  You know what? This is going in my collection.  I just ordered from amazon.
1. It Follows
I was not expecting It Follows to grab me as much as it did.  On first glance it seems like one of those horror movies only teenagers would like, but when I watched it I realized there was a lot of craft behind it.  I also think the idea of the creature constantly and slowly stalking you is very creepy.

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