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My Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

Looking ahead to 2020… I’m actually not looking forward to much.  I’m hopeful there will be great movies coming out, but at this point, not quite sure what they will be.  So this is just more of a few that caught my eye, mostly because of who is making them.

5. Wonder Woman 1984
I really liked Wonder Woman and think it might last as one of the best of the super hero films.  I’m very skeptical of the sequel to be honest.  I really don’t know what it could add.  But I’m still interested to find out.
4. Onward
Another one I’m skeptical on; the trailers didn’t actually look that good.  But its Pixar so I’ll give them the benefit of a chance.  I am interested to see what the world building is like.
3. Mank

David Fincher hasn’t come out with a film in seven years, so of course I’m going to be excited to see what he does next.  Its going to be a biopic about the screenwriter of Citizen Kane.  Um, alright.  Seems esoteric, and not necessarily something that excites me.  But I have to remember that ten years ago we were saying”He’s making a Facebook movie? Really?”

2. Dune
And now we are getting to the movies which are really exciting me.  Dune is one of my favourite books, and so far there has just been a poorly developed movie from the 80s and a faithful but cheesy tv movie.  So maybe, hopefully, we get some justice done to Frank Herbert’s masterpiece.  Why am I hopeful?  Simple; the director.  Denis Villineue has quickly become a director to trust, especially after Sicario, Blade Runner, and one of my favourite movies of the past few years, Arrival.
1. Tenet
And of course the top spot goes to the new Christopher Nolan film.  I’m a Nolan fanboy; sorry.  His movies are always big, bold, and above all interesting.  I have no idea what this is about, and I want to keep it that way.  Very excited.

3 Responses to “My Most Anticipated Movies of 2020”

  1. I’m super excited for a few of these too. Can’t wait to take my kid to see Onward. Tenet looks awesome, a very Nolanly Nolan film. Mank and Dune do look promising, but I am super pumped about the new Wonder Woman. I would add Soul (another Pixar!) and In the Heights to look forward to this summer.

  2. I so want “Mank” to work well. I have been more or less disappointed by the majority of films I’ve seen this year.

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