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It: Chapter 2

Okay, so let me work this out. First, maybe things are inherently less scary because its adults now, not kids? Also, what was with them not being able to remember even living in the town until they’re together again? (except for Stanley apparently). That was kinda pointless, and pretty tough to buy.

The scare scenes were monotonous. First off, they set up this plot device of the “tokens”, so it became apparent pretty quickly what the pattern was, and we had to see it repeated 6 times. Also, instead of going for the creep factor, they went for the gore/gross-out factor, which was really disappointing and far less effective. Oh, there was also a giant paul bunyon statue which just reminds me of that one halloween episode of Simpsons where the billboards come to life.

I do like Pennywise as a villain, but after the established pattern I just mentioned,and the fact that his first kills proved to be essentially irrelevant to the rest of the movie, he wasn’t nearly as menacing. I also thought the ending was pretty dumb and didn’t make a lot of thematic sense.

The ending did feel epic, and much of the casting was pretty spot on. I did think they venerated the original film and the kid’s relationships a little too much, but oh well.

All in all, a disappointment.


2 Responses to “It: Chapter 2”

  1. Gotta agree with your disappointment here. Such a great cast and the story isn’t terrible but the scares just fall flat too often. Good review.

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