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Captain Marvel

The thing with Marvel movies at this point is that they’ve got it down to the point where they aren’t going to make a bad film. Now, you can rant and rave about “formula” and how much you don’t like it, but the movies are enjoyable. However, the flip side of that is that this framework also prevents them from making a GREAT film as well.And Captain Marvel seems to fall right down the middle of this narrow spectrum as really quite ordinary.

The plot sees an alien warrior who can’t remember her past hunting down Skrulls and eventually learn that she’s from Earth when one of her missions forces her to go there. She meets up with Sam Jackson and a cat. She eventually learns not everything is as it seems. And she shoots a lot of stuff with power emanating from her fists.

So in other words, it fits the bill for a Marvel movie well enough. Brie Larson is ok in the role, and I liked having her team with Nick Fury through most of the movie. There was some clunky dialogue and blatant exposition, especially earlier in the film, and quite a few humour beats that fell flat. Its not quite at Guardians level here.

There were some parts in this movie that I felt I was watching Star Trek. Also, in the scene where she is explaining everything to her friend and her daughter in the kitchen, did anyone else picture Arnold cutting the skin off of his arm?

I think Captain Marvel will make a good addition to the Marvel Universe, though it is worth noting that her powers seem to be really powerful, which may cause problems. Here it wasn’t so bad ass she doesn’t really use them in full till near the end, but having such undefined powers usually doesn’t work so well cinematically. I hope they find a way to reign her in a bit.

Captain Marvel is right in the middle of the Marvel films, a group which already has a pretty low standard deviation. You’ll likely have a good time, but don’t expect to be blown away.

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