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A Star is Born

If this was the 90s, A Star is Born would be winning the Oscar on Sunday. It is both very popular among the masses and dedicated moviegoers alike, and is highly respected critically. It is very well-made and has a lot of emotional weight to it. A couple of decades ago, this would be a shoe-in for the golden statue. Its not so anymore, unfortunately for Cooper and company.

But forget the Oscars for a second; they’re a mess. This is a great movie, and that’s what matters. I am not one for sappy, plastic romances in movies, but when a love story is told in a way which truly feels genuine, I’m all for it. This one does. A lot of time is spent on the night they meet, and so it should. It helps us to better understand their feelings for each other, so that when they are put to the test later, we have a touchstone.

A Star is Born has a lot to say, not just about relationships, but also about fame, and a lot about art.  It works on a lot of different levels, which is why I can see it stick in the consciousness of those who loved it for quite a while.  And while it is thought-provoking in all those ways, its also just heartrendingly emotional at the same time.  perhaps more-so, which really adds to the widespread impact this movie has had on audiences.  The character and relationship beats feel earned, and as such we are able to sink into this movies.  There’s also something about the cinematography that makes it feel very intimate, which helps us connect a lot more as well.

Now, this is a movie about music, and in that regard it certainly does not disappoint.  There was probably no way to make this movie with just an actress.  It had to be someone with a very high level of singing talent, and luckily Lady Gaga kills it in the role.  She feels natural both on and off the stage.  And as someone who is not musically-inclined, I can  say that the songs here really work.  In fact, the scene where she comes onto the stage to sing Shallow with him is incredible.  It may be the best scene I’ve seen in a movie this year.

In fact, this is probably the best movie this year period.  I posted my top ten list a while back, but now I see I was too hasty.  Because now that I’ve seen A Star is Born, its going to the top of that list.



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