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Incredibles 2

The Incredibles finally have their sequel, and it feels like the characters have all fallen right back into step even after 14 years. Which is good, because the movie starts off right after the events of the last movie, where the family battles the Underminer.

They really play up the family dynamic again in this second film, which is definitely a strength. The best parts of this movie are watching Bob and the rest of the family try to deal with Jack-Jack’s new powers. And it feels like each character manages to have their own arc, aside from maybe Dash. Violet certainly does though.

I’m not sure there’s as much thematic strength behind this movie as their was the first one, but there is still some meaning behind the plot, and especially with the ways to read into the main villain, Screenslaver, and their powers.

The Incredibles 2 is a lot of fun, as you would expect, and feels like a true sequel to the original. You can definitely tell a difference in the 14 year gap in terms of animation, where there is more detail especially in the faces (which can be off-putting at times, especially around the eyes). There are also some new heroes added in, who feel extraneous and feel more like they are just their for extra flare. But the core family, and Lucius, are who we really care about, and this is a great second outing for them.


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