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Justice League

It wasn’t terrible. Well, okay… it was terrible. But somehow I didn’t hate it.

Lets face facts, this is not a good movie. The script feels cobbled together, the tone is hard to pinpoint, and The Flash as the comic relief falls flat every time. I don’t think I heard anyone in the theater laugh at him once.

A big problem, and missed opportunity, were the character introductions. Here you have a collection of some of the most recognizable superheroes in the world (well, and Cyborg) and the filmmakers make little attempt to introduce them into the film in interesting or powerful ways. And since 3 of the main characters are new to the franchise, this probably should have been a priority. Wonder Woman is the only one who they did this right with.

Along the same lines, it was hard for these characters to have the power they should have when they are dealt with so nonchalantly in the film. For example there is a scene where Batman,Wonder Woman and Flash meet Commish Gordon, and Gordon makes one quip about it and then its business like normal. Felt very inauthentic. There were lots of moments like that.

Yet at the same time I will say the film is very watchable. Its not good, but watchable. I realize this isn’t a standard we want to hold movies to, but at least its something, unlike the dreary pit of Batman vs Superman or the incoherent mess that was Suicide Squad.

The visuals of these iconic characters (and Cyborg) usually works. Wonder Woman, coming off of her own features, is probably the best character and the emotional core. There is also a neat action scene where the Amazons are trying to keep a magic cube away from the bad guy. Its short, but quite inventive.

So I didn’t hate it, even though it really feels like poor-making. If it weren’t so rushed and production so fractured, and had it been allowed to have more focus by the director and screenwriters, it could have really worked.


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