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Wonder Woman

I liked it. The biggest reason why is probably Gal Gadot, who I thought really nailed this role. Its very clear that she fights out of compassion and a true desire to make things better in the world, and that’s pretty refreshing. She’s really good at creating those little personality moments that casually give her character some depth (far more than her justice league comrades have shown thus far, thats for sure).

The story is pretty basic superhero fare. The setting will remind a lot of people of the first Captain America movie, right down to the “small band of stereotypes”, though even more pronounced this time. That really does weaken the fabric of the film that was built so far. I did like the aspect of the story where a soldier is washed up on Amazon island and introduces Diana to the world.I honestly think the movie would have been stronger if they focused more on her simply entering the fray with him, and took out the goofier aspects like the goofy villains and the Irishman, Egyptian, and Native American walking into a bar.

The movie looks really good, though a little dark at times. I really wish I didn’t see it in 3D, because it made a lot of the action fuzzy. (Stop with the 3D already!!!! ) But the character of Wonder Woman herself it really what makes the movie shine, despite its cliched elements.


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