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Alien Covenant

*Warning:  This review will have spoilers

Prometheus, this ain’t. While Prometheus had a strong theme about the question of where we come from, Covenant takes that theme and beats it like a rug. I will say it adds a lot to the Alien mythology, but I’m not really sure I like where it is taken. The idea of David behind behind their biology is sort of dumb, and to be honest I think the series works better if the alien race is just a threat that exists out in the galaxy.

I do like that they didn’t ignore Prometheus, but now I sort of understand why some fans were so pissed off at Alien 3 for haphazardly killing off the characters who fought so hard to survive the second film. That happens here as well. I was also quite disappointed at what happened with their contact with the engineer race.

Now lets be clear, this is a competently made thriller in many regards. The film looks great, especially the Alien creatures, with one exception: Billy Crudup’s chest-burster. That looks terrible, and the scene that chaperones it is eye-rolling. Most of the tension works, though I would argue that the second climax here feels really tacked on, even though we all knew it was coming.

I also really didn’t like the end twist.  It feels like its only there for shock value (for the 8% of people who didn’t figure it out already), but will really just piss you off after everything these characters went through.



One Response to “Alien Covenant”

  1. Had fun with this. Even though, yeah, it’s another silly horror movie. Nice review.

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