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John Wick Chapter 2


An enjoyable sequel to an enjoyable action flick. John Wick 2 continues almost immediately where the first film leaves off.  John is brought back into the fray when an old debt is called in and he has no choice but to honour it, including a little jog over to Rome.  There’s lots of inventive set pieces here, like starting out with 7 bullets and needing to keep stealing guns, trying to shoot his opponent in secret in a subway station, etc.

There’s also lots more world building in this installment, expanding on the assassin’s only hotel chain and underground. There’s a great triple-cut scene where Wick is preparing for a job at three different locations.  I am a big fan of world-building in general, and that was clearly a goal of this second film.

Also, how great is Keanu? He really brings a lot to this role, always speaking and responding in a way which is always just slightly off of what you expect.  When you look at the actors around him in this movie, he really seems a step above all of them.Its easy to appreciate what he does here and the character he creates.



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